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Erik Rathmayr - Friday, October 21, 2011

What to expect when budgeting for your website.

Web Monkey

Price $00 | Outcome: really bad banana!
Most of the times a family friend who just started to get into web design, but has no idea about it. The only reason they are offering to do a website for free is cause they need to practice and something to show.

Web Cowboy

Price: $100-$1000 | Outcome: forget about it
“Webcowboy” or better know as a student, a friend of a cousin or someone who knows the basics about web design. Ok they are cheap but most likely they have no experience and are usually disappearing into the sunset on a contiki tour overseas once the job is done. ;-)

Smoke and Mirrors

Price $500-$3500 | Outcome: can harm your business
You might deal with a registered graphic design business. But be careful they might blend you. What you see on screen might not be what you get in the back end. Used to work in print there is often a lack of understanding online concepts and programming technologies.

Brochure Web Site

Price $999-$2500 | Outcome: Ok to present you business
If done by a proper web agency this is the starting point for you online presence. You site will be done to web standards, look great, rank well in search engines and work for your audience. Always remember this is only a first step and most likely will not bring any new clients. You will have to actively promote it and show it to your potential customers.

Online Business

Price: $5000-$20,000 | Outcome: Working Online Business
This is where it is starting to make sense. Content management System, Online Client Data base, Newsletter Tools and E-Commerce facilities are working their magic. You will start saving yourself and your client time by using online forms or online order facilities. The website has now become a business unit and will make you money.

Online Strategy

Price: $20,000+ | Outcome: That is where you should be
Not only a website any more but a full online strategy where the website ties in as the centre stage. Creating online Marketing Concepts and Storytelling for community building. Social media concepts to engage your audience. Viral online strategies like online games, iPhone apps and much much more. Use of customised Systems.

The full Monty

Price: open end | Outcome: oh yeah baby!
That is where the big fellers play. ;-)

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